Open Experimental Measurements of Sub-6GHz Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces

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IEEE Internet Computing

Dear Editor, Reviewers,

Please receive the paper entitled “A Sub-6GHz Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface Proof-of-Concept Design and Characterization”. This submission is an extension of the paper “Designing, Building, and Characterizing RF Switch-Based Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces”, that was presented by the authors at ACM WiNTECH’22. We have extended that version by elaborating explanations, adding more representative figures, and improving some aspects of the paper based on the feedback we received at the conference. In particular:

  • We provide a thorough explanation of the process of establishing an anechoic chamber to ensure accurate RIS measurements and we are eager to share our insights and knowledge to facilitate its reproduction.

  • We unveil a novel dataset obtained through our exclusive absorption method in the anechoic chamber, elucidating the structure of the collected data in the datasets that we are willing to share.

  • We delve into various ways to employ these datasets. We modeled a 3D radiation pattern for the RIS based on 2D measurements, that can be utilized for more realistic RIS approximations.

  • We explored the role of deep neural networks in inferring missing configurations and for replicating our RIS prototype behavior.

  • We exploited the absorption mode to infer the achievable half-power beamwidth (HPBW) and we discuss its advantages for localization fingerprinting.

We believe that the paper may be of interest to the readers of IEEE Internet Computing. Thank you for considering our work.